Payroll System Management

At Practical Payroll Solutions we understand that each payroll is different, so we offer our customers a payroll system that accommodates their own particular requirements.

Your payroll data is critical and for budgetary control it is essential that your labour prime costs are reported in line with your business needs. The accurate capture of your labour prime costs is an essential management tool.

Your costing will be bespoke and, if necessary, apportioned among different sites or regions. Apportionment will equally apply to overhead amounts such as employers' National Insurance and pension contributions. Should you require a different costing structure for different divisions of your business, then Practical Payroll Solutions will find you a perfect payroll solution.

We can also provide management reporting for HR, recruitment and absence records from a fully integrated system to a flexible lower level management reporting function.

Your payroll provider will ensure that your payroll system is an integral part of your management information system.

Management reporting can include, but not be limited to, the following areas of your management records:

  • Master file personal information
  • Permanent payroll data
  • Pension administration
  • Pay scales and benefits (P11D reporting)
  • Financial and commercial costing
  • Itemisation of all payroll fields
  • Absence/sickness/holiday data bases

When we sit down with you to discuss your management implementation plans, consideration of all your requirements will be made.