Payroll reporting

Payroll Reporting

Payroll reporting is one of the things we pride ourselves on. Practical Payroll Solutions offers bespoke and ad hoc payroll reports depending on each individual client’s needs. There are many types of payroll reports we can offer including:

  • Overtime working and costs
  • Pension costs by scheme in each department
  • Costs by trade within department (s)

Payroll analysis we provide can be user defined and supplied as a ‘what if’ analysis ‘one off’ or a regular report. In addition to this, the payroll reports can be supplied electronically or as a hard copy.

Our bespoke payroll reports makes Practical Payroll Solutions stand out from the rest. Reporting is often exclusive to your company and Practical Payroll Solutions’ reporting tools are flexible and easy to use, so your company’s payroll will be analysed accurately.

Your payroll requirements are forever changing. Imagine a situation where each and every employee is paid centrally, but the history and tradition of each payroll is accommodated. Statistics are gathered from a central point and there is minimum IT involvement. Your costs can be easily monitored while dealing with and controlling the specific requirements of your payroll.

We can analyse any aspect of your payroll so get in touch with us and we'd be delighted to tell you how we can help.