Payroll System

Here at Practical Payroll Solutions we have an exclusive payroll system, developed in tandem with one of the country's leading developers of payroll software.

Our payroll system is backed by a Microsoft based operating environment and gives us the twenty first century tools needed to deliver a first class payroll package.

Our payroll system uses a powerful relational database capable of handling an unlimited number of users, companies, employees, deductions and adjustments. All these factors, and indeed others such as payslip layout, can be customised to your specific requirements, along with a full audit made of any aspect of your payroll.

Practical Payroll Solutions' network infrastructure has been designed to achieve a cutting edge network capable of supporting business growth and integrate technological advances seamlessly. Our multi-user payroll system is a true client/server application that uses the latest multi-core architecture and the latest load balancing techniques to enhance client communication and reliability to our payroll system.

As a respectable payroll bureau, we understand the trust our clients invest in us. This is why our servers are housed in an ultra secure, state of the art data centre staffed 24/7 every day of the year. Stringent access control procedures ensure your payroll system data is safe and secure. Security is at the forefront of our network infrastructure design and we use the latest encryption standards to ensure your payroll system data is secure.

Continued investment in our communications allows us to respond to your needs quickly, efficiently and accurately. Our commitment to invest in new technology has proved to be a key driver of Practical Payroll Solutions' payroll system.

For more detailed enquiries concerning our technical arrangements, please contact our systems team on 01474 831130.